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 Safety Devices – The Technology of Protection

Safety Devices has been designing and manufacturing roll cages (Roll Over Protection) for over 50 years.  In fact our subsidiary, Aley Bars, has been making motorsport roll cages since the mid 1960’s when John Aley introduced the first roll cages to European motorsport.

Today Safety Devices International Ltd is a modern UK Company producing Roll Over Protection and other accessories for many different applications including Motorsport, Expedition, Fleet and Military.

Knowledge, experience and knowhow is a shared resource between the different applications to bring you the best solutions available.  From our workshop in Suffolk we have provided solutions to the British Army, James Bond, Land Rover, Top Gear, BP and Lotus amongst many others.

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Why choose safety devices?

  •  Over forty years experience
  •  Design excellence: made to fit every time
  •  Exceptional quality materials and fabrication
  •  Choice - the largest product range
  •  Excellent advice & after sales service

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As well as roll cages, we also offer a specialist range of roof racks, seating systems, harnesses and other products, many of which can be purchased through our accessories shop.




Fitting kits

Roll-cage padding


Universal door-bars

Universal dash-bar


Saddle brackets

Steel tube

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