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 Safety Devices – The Technology of Protection


Safety Devices is a unique business that brings together the world of roll over protection for military, motorsport, expedition and commerce.

Knowledge, experience and knowhow is a shared resource between the different applications to bring you the best solutions available.  That’s why for 30 years we have been supplying the British Army, why Top Gear chose Safety Devices for the top Grand Prix drivers and why most of the largest Oil and Gas Companies use our products.

If you want design excellence, tough solutions, aesthetic appeal and manufactured quality try Safety Devices.  We ship and install all over the world.


Roll Cages            -            Roof Racks            -            Harnesses            -            ROPS            -            Military Seating

Why choose safety devices?

  •  Over forty years experience
  •  Design excellence: made to fit every time
  •  Exceptional quality materials and fabrication
  •  Choice - the largest product range
  •  Excellent advice & after sales service