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Frequently Asked Questions on Roll Cages & Safety Devices | Safety Devices – Experts in Automotive Safety Solutions
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Q. Do you make roof racks for Toyotas, Mitsubishis, Fords and Nissans?

At the moment we only make racks for the Land Rover Defender range but intend to expand to provide racks for other types in the future.

Q. How much load can my SD roof rack take?

Safety Devices racks are heavy duty designed to take most loads.  The strength of the rainwater gutter to which the rack is fixed is the weakest point – the load can be spread by installing extra roof bars. You should be aware that Land Rover give guidance of a maximum load of 75kgs on the Defender range which is a relatively small load. Understandably they wish to ensure that the vehicles stability is not affected. In any event driving a 4x4 is different from driving a saloon car and driving tuition is recommended  for off road situations also when driving with heavy loads.

Q. Can I buy my own timber floor and fix it to the SD roof rack?

Yes, of course, however remember that untreated ply will rapidly disintegrate in a temperate climate.  Our marine ply floors are cut to fit our roof racks perfectly.  The floors are made from Birch plywood from Finland, where Birch grows to be exceptionally tough and uniform. The floor is made from 7 layers of laminated plywood which is smooth on the underside and covered with a gripped texture on the loading side. The floors are then sealed with a protective coating.

Q. Will the roof rack rust over time?

Our roof racks are grit blasted, primed with a zinc enriched powder undercoat, and finished with a durable black powder coat. However, roof racks are very exposed, therefore can easily get damaged over time, but if you take care of your Safety Devices rack and avoid damage or scratching, the zinc primer should resist rust for at least two years and probably longer.  Many of our racks over 10 years old are still on the road today and looking good!

Q. Why is Land Rover’s own rack cheaper than yours?

Ours is a heavy duty rack built to take large loads.  Some Companies use them for a working platform for operations with heavy equipment – they will withstand most things thrown at them and are pretty resistant against rust.

Q. Can I fix a roof tent to the roof rack?

Yes but the Explorer range has been specifically designed to take most brands of roof tent whereas the Expedition is not designed for tents.

Q. I have a Defender with a roll cage – can I fix a roof rack on as well?

Yes we have a system of special fixings that allow you to fit a Safety Devices Explorer rack (but not a G4 expedition) directly onto most of our of cages.  Check that the cage is compatible.

Q. Can I move my roof rack from one vehicle to another?

Yes, in the majority of cases the rack can be swapped straight across with no replacement parts required, providing both vehicles are the same model and spec. We do find that some customers mislay the brackets, bolts and washers if the rack is left off a vehicle for a period of time. In such instances, we can offer replacement kits of these parts via our Safety Devices Accessories Shop.