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The October 2017 MSA bulletin details new requirements for Roof and Windscreen Pillar Reinforcement in vehicles competing in Stage Rallying. We have attached an abridged copy showing the sections relevant to ROPS and all other sections have been greyed out for clarity.

To determine whether your vehicle is affected, please review the following:


  • The changes only apply to vehicles involved in Stage Rallying which are going receive a Competition Car Log Book (CCLB) or Vehicle Passport (VP) after the 1st January 2019.
  • Vehicles that have a HRVIF (Historic Rally Vehicle Identification Form) are exempt from the alterations described.
  • Any vehicles used in a discipline outside of Stage Rallying (e.g. Circuit Racing) are not currently included in this bulletin.


The summary of requirements for affected vehicles is as follows:

  • ROPS will need Roof Reinforcement - Reference Section K, Appendix 2, drawings 10(a) to (d)
  • ROPS will need Windscreen Pillar Reinforcement – Reference Section K, Appendix 2, drawing 63 and Section R 48.10.1 (b)


For ROPS designed to the MSA Blue Book specification (as opposed to FIA Appendix J regulations or being FIA Homologated) if members are to be added to an existing ROPS then the specification depends on the age of the vehicle, taken from Section K, 1.4.1:


Minimum Dimensions (Ø in mm)

a) Mandatory tubular members

45 x 2.5 (1.75” x 0.095”) or 50 x 2.0 (2.0” x 0.083”)

38 x 2.5 (1.5” x 0.095”) or 40 x 2.0 (1.6” x 0.083”) (For roll cages/bars approved prior to 1.1.95).


The MSA have also allowed the amendment of existing FIA homologated ROPS designs to include the addition of these additional members. Alterations to an FIA homologated ROPS design do not have to meet the above material requirements but should match the material diameter and thickness of adjoining tubes.

Please contact Safety Devices in advance of making any alterations to your cage as modification of an existing design may invalidate any FIA homologation already present. Safety Devices will be working on updating existing designs for new orders and processing the necessary amendments with the FIA, where applicable.


With the release of the MSA Blue Book for 2018 (Section J, 2.1.6), the MSA have advised that Competition Car Log Books (CCLBs) are being phased out and replaced by Vehicle Passports (VPs):

Competition Car Log Books first issued prior to 1st January 2000 will expire on 31st December 2020.

CCLBs first issued between 1st January 2000 and prior to 31st December 2004 will expire on 31st December 2022.

CCLBs first issued between 1st January 2005 and prior to 31st December 2009 will expire on 31st December 2023.

All other CCLBs will expire on 31st December 2025.

Once a CCLB has expired a new Vehicle Passport will need to be applied for. Until the date of expiry a CCLB may continue to be returned to the MSA for amendment per 2.1.5.

Safety Devices recommendation will be to apply for a new VP in advance of the 2019 regulation changes which will then give a maximum of 10 year coverage for the current ROPS installed.

Please remember that if your vehicle is not used in Stage Rallying, these changes will not affect the compliance of your ROPS.