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Although every Safety Devices roll cage is designed to be good looking and a smooth fit, buyers should never forget that the roll cage's sole function is to save the lives of the vehicle's occupants in the event of a roll over or crash.

Safety Devices roll cages are highly engineered, homologated design structures which undergo rigorous testing by MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) to verify that the designs will perform as they are meant to in a roll over or crash.  Any alteration to the original Safety Devices roll cage assembly by welding, repositioning, removal or addition of fittings, drilling or enlarging of holes etc., incorrect fitment to vehicle, or use of assembly other than its design purpose could render the roll cage faulty in the event of a crash and the consequences can be fatal.  The quality and strength of your product is our primary concern.


Q. I heard the MSA require extra door bars and a cross diagonal in roll cages - don't I need to have my roll cage modified to include these?

Answer:  Not necessarily.  These rules will almost certainly apply to all NEW roll cage designs from now on.  If your Safety Devices roll cage is MSA/FIA homologated, the design essentially remains homologated forever.  Do not undertake any modifications to a Safety Devices roll cage without contacting us first.  Safety Devices' homologated roll cages are homologated by Motorsport UK/FIA based on the specific design submitted by us.  Our highly qualified CAD engineers devote extensive time and effort to design a safe roll cage specifically for each vehicle.

Q. I have a roll cage in my car, how can I be sure it is a Safety Devices roll cage?

Answer:  Look for the unique serial numbers on the footplates of the main hoop (B hoop) and send photos of it to us for verification together with photos of the rest of your roll cage.  If the roll cage has been painted over the years, you may need to scrub the paint off the footplates with a wire brush to reveal the serial number.  You may also need to use a torch to see the serial number.  Beware – a Safety Devices sticker on your cage does not mean it’s a Safety Devices cage.

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