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  Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon 4 Point Bolt-in Roll Cage Back to results

Make: Land Rover

Model: Defender 110 Station Wagon 4-door (1983-present)


Roll cage number L255. 4 point bolt-in internal rear 'half' roll cage. Suitable for newer Defender 110 (Puma) with high backed / bench seats.

We strongly recommend fitting the roll cage padding kit when installing this roll cage.

Rear options:

  •   RBL255 7SSS - Internal 4 point bolt-in rear 'half' roll cage.
    Available as a rear cage only. Suitable for high back / bench seats.

Padding options:

  •   RBL255PAD - Padding Kit for RBL2557SSS internal roll cage.
    Specially formulated polyurethane flame retardant padding kit of 55 Shore hardness. Kit covers all internal roll cage components above shoulder height.

Technical Specification:

  •  Finished roll cage provided with black powdercoat paint finish unless specified otherwise. Other colours available: grey, blue, silver, white and red. There is a surcharge for colours other than black.
  •  Roll cage can be provided unpainted by special request (no reduction in price).

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