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 Catalytic Converter Protection

Safety Devices have been world leaders in the design and manufacture of aftermarket protective structures for the automotive industry for more than 40 years.


The Company manufacture its own catalytic converter protection system (CCPS) designed for use with the Mercedes Sprinter van.  It is a strong prefabricated metal structure designed to be fitted around your exhaust to prevent robbery.  It is made of steel and is welded on to the underside of your Mercedes Sprinter, so does not rely on cables or hinges.  It is in effect a preventative measure to help stop theft of the converter and exhaust and could save considerable costs if you are subject to theft.


Thieves usually aim to remove the front section of the exhaust system, which includes the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and the Catalytic Converter.  Although the individual components have modest scrap value, a system removed intact will fetch £500-700 on internet auction sites, while a replacement will cost you £2,000 or may materially affect your insurance premiums.


Installation of the CCPS can be carried out by any competent mechanic with basic welding tools, using the fitting instructions provided.  Alternatively we can fit it for you here in our Mildenhall workshop.


This product is designed specifically to fit the Mercedes Sprinter range of vehicles and that is why it is so secure.  This is not a “universal” product like others on the market.


The CCPS is available now, for fleet customers looking to source in volume, please contact us directly.

The CCPS will be available via Safety Devices ebay shop in the very near future.

For technical enquiries contact [email protected] or phone +44 (0)1638 713 606.

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