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The most recent Motor Sports Association (MSA) Scrutineers Bulletin drew attention to the use of hinged demountable joints in roll cages.  These photos were forwarded to the MSA by a Scrutineer and show a demountable joint used to attach a lateral bar (cant rail) to both the main hoop and the front hoop.

Whilst demountable joints are permitted for the attachment of roll cage components, various joints may only be used as directed by the MSA Blue Book.  Although the joint used in these photos is of a type included in drawings (K)21 to (K)30 of the Blue Book, it is not permitted for the purpose of attaching a lateral bar (cant rail) to the main hoop and front hoop, as it is a hinged joint.  Regulation (K)1.3.7 clearly states in the second paragraph that when attaching a lateral roll bar (front leg) to a main roll bar with a demountable joint, hinged or pivoting joints must not be used.

Buy your roll cage with confidence; Safety Devices do not use demountable hinged joints in any Safety Devices roll cages.

For further information, contact Aeron Lloyd.
tel: +44 (0)1638 560524, or email motorsport@safetydevices.com


Safety Devices Motorsport division has four decades experience and expertise servicing the Motorsport arena with roll over protection. Our founders designed the world's first automotive roll cage. Working with some of the biggest names in the industry Safety Devices is Europe's largest roll cage manufacturer and boasts the world's most extensive product catalogue comprising over 2000 cages. In addition to cages we offer complimentary safety products of harnesses and impact padding.