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Q. Who are Safety Devices?

Safety Devices International Ltd is a British owned Company specialising in the design and manufacture of automotive roll over protection. Safety Devices has been making roll over protection for over 50 years.

Q. What do you sell?

We principally sell roll over protection to Governments, Companies, and Dealers who sell to the general public.  We also have a range of heavy duty 4x4 roof racks and harnesses for racing.

Q. Can I buy my roll cage direct from Safety Devices?

We no longer sell our roll cages directly to the general public. Instead you can buy from one of our dealers who you can find on this website through the roll cage selectors. Dealers often hold stock of our cages. If you are having difficulties finding a dealer or installer call us and let us know.

Q. What is a roll cage?

A roll cage is a protective structure built in or around a car to help prevent the cab collapsing in a roll over incident. For racing, the cage will need to be MSA approved or FIA homologated (approved for racing).

Q. Where are your roll cages and ROPS made?

We design and build prototypes and one offs in the UK and manufacture larger quantities in our factory in Continental Europe.

Q. Which quality standards do you employ?

We have excellent quality standards, as you would expect from a roll cage manufacturer. We are ISO9001 approved and employ quality control supervisors both here, in our head office, and in our factory.  We use properly sourced and certified steel, qualified welders, abrasive preparation, zinc primer and Akzo Nobel powder coating. The quality and strength of your product is our primary concern.

Q. What if your products prove faulty?

You should immediately contact your supplier who will let us know.  In the event you have not had a satisfactory response, please let us know and we will do what we can to help.

Q. Will you be around tomorrow?

Safety Devices and before that Aley Bars have been making roll over protection for approximately 50 years. We believe the Safety Devices name will be around for a long time to come.

Q. Can I come and visit you in your premises?

Yes, feel free to come and visit us at our Headquarters in MIldenhall.  Please let us know when you are coming and we can tell you about what we do.  However, we may not be able to sell you a cage direct – for that you will have to talk with one of our dealers.

Q. Is my Safety Devices roll cage going to guarantee my safety in the event of a roll over?

A Safety Devices roll cage will help protect you as it has done for hundreds of drivers down the years.  Moreover its not just a roll over, if your car hits any solid object a roll cage may help protect your space in the vehicle.  However having a roll cage in your car is no guarantee of safety.