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 Frequently Asked Questions

Use our Frequently Asked Questions to get more information.

Q. Can I buy my roll cage direct from Safety Devices?


Yes contact the office in Newmarket (+44(0)1638560524).

Q. Is there a retail price for roll cages?


Yes we have guide prices for most standard 4x4’s but normally for military vehicles we undertake bespoke designs to the client’s requirements.  We have numerous off the shelf ROPS for many models of Land Rover.

Q. What sort of military vehicles can you provide ROPS for?


Most military light vehicles, as well as some larger vehicles.

Q. Do you supply under body protection and armoured vehicles?


No, our specialism is roll over protection only although we work with others in these related fields.  We can however incorporate modifications into our ROPS such as integrated gun ring mounts, rifle mounts, radio fixings, seats and harnesses.