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 Bespoke Developments

Occasionally we get asked to build cages for new projects or specialised expeditions. At Safety Devices we enjoy a challenge but first will always try to ensure that there is not something off the shelf that can be modified to suit your needs. If we think your need is something that may have wider application we may be willing to treat the project as a new development of our own.

For other more specialist projects we will use our extensive knowledge and problem solving capabilities to find you the best solution. You will specify your design requirements, we will then agree the desired strength of the cage, its location on or around the vehicle and any special constraints you may have. We will initially come up with an indicative solution on CAD showing how we might meet the desired objective. Once agreed we will then require your vehicle to develop the physical solution on the vehicle. At various stages you will be advised of progress ultimately to be shown the completed roll cage.

The end product, however it is arrived at, will be a professionally produced and robust solution to meet your requirements. We will take immense care of your vehicle and we are sure you will be happy with the solution, like so many others before you.

Contact Safety Devices direct to discuss your idea.