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If you are thinking of taking your 4x4 over rough terrain you might want to consider using a Safety Devices roll cage to help protect you in case of a roll over.  The purpose of a roll cage is to help protect the cab of the vehicle against collapse.  You can access our off the shelf solutions by using the roll cage selector above, just enter the details of your vehicle and search.

Choosing the right product

When considering what you want, bear in mind that some roll cages, especially part cages, will offer less protection than others.  Generally the full internal/external cages will be stronger than others.  We strongly recommend the use of suitably fixed padding on all internal parts of the roll cage.

Choosing the right roll cage for your vehicle can be difficult so, if you are not sure, don’t hesitate to call us for advice.

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There is a wide range of dealers who stock and sell our roll cages.  See Dealers or contact your local Britpart stockist to find someone near you.

After Sales Support

We are dedicated to providing you with excellent after sales guidance and support, either directly or through the dealer. To assist installation all cages come with full pictorial fitting instructions.


We also have a range of other products you may also wish to consider: padding (for roll cages), heavy duty roof-racks, ladders, underbody protection and rear steps all available direct from our accessories shop.


  • Bulkhead: panel dividing the front and rear sections of the vehicle.
  • Internal: A roll cage that fits completely within the interior space of the vehicle.
  • External: A roll cage that fits solely to the exterior of the vehicle, with no parts with in the inside of the vehicle.
  • Internal/external:  A roll cage that has both internal and external components. With most designs, the internal cage will mount to the external cage through the roof.
  • Bolt-in: these cages are prefabricated so that no welding is required as part of the installation and they are bolted together in and around the vehicle. Some drilling and cutting will be required.
  • 4/6/8/10 point:  This represents the number of positions (points) that the roll cage fixes onto the vehicle.
  • Diagonal:  Is bracing welded across either the B hoop or backstays to improve lateral strength of the cage. For a roll cage that has a diagonal, we will need to know if the diagonal is required for LHD or RHD vehicles.
  • Independent certification:  Design strength tested and certified by independent experts – normally only required for commercial applications.