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The roll cage is an essential accessory for any serious off-roader or anyone thinking about taking their vehicle on an expedition. You are very unlikely to use it in anger but the risk that you might, should be enough to ensure that you protect yourself and your passengers. Most 4x4’s may not adequately protect you in a serious roll over situation.

A Safety Devices Expedition roll cage is a structural frame made from tubular CDS mild steel bolted together and affixed to the vehicle’s structural frame. Mild steel is normally used because it is strong and malleable therefore it is less likely to crack under impact. Other materials such as carbon fibre, titanium or chrome moly, whilst lighter are far more brittle resulting in a shorter life and will not withstand multiple impacts.

Unless used for competition, we recommend bolt-in cages. They are much easier to install, do not compromise the internal space in the vehicle and allow the replacement of damaged parts rather than the whole shell if required. They are also far cheaper to install.

Our materials are sourced from mainstream suppliers and are fully traceable. Each cage has a unique reference number imprinted on one of the footplates and we retain batch samples of all steel supplies for at least 7 years. We will be able to tell when your cage was made, who made it and who purchased it. All our welders are qualified to EN13480 and we are ISO9001 compliant. We have strict quality control measures to ensure that each cage does what it should do when required.

Each cage has full fitting instructions and can normally be installed by any competent mechanic. Bolt in cages require no welding and only a small amount of cutting with small power tools. A cage will usually take between 1 and 2 days for a competent mechanic to fit. All bolts are also made from mild steel. Often customers replace them with stainless steel fixings but these are more likely to break under impact and are not recommended.