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Chassis plate

A 5mm thick plate used for 4x4 roll cages.  It has a similar function to a floor plate, but is stronger.

Ears and squash ended tubing

The tube is pressed flat to produce a lug or fixing point. This is mainly used on 4x4 vehicles for roof diagonals and backstays.

Floor plate

The larger plate that is welded to the chassis, which the floot plate is then welded to.

Foot plate

The 'foot' of a roll cage leg.  The serial number of the roll cage is stamped on to the foot plate.

Saddle brackets

An original Safety Devices design which has stood the test of time. The bracket is used for connecting tubes on bolt-in cages. Much copied by our competition but beware as they often only use 3mm material which limits the torque setting of the bolts. Safety Devices has always used 5mm material.

Slipper tubes

A method of connecting tubes using sleeves and cross-drilled bolts. It is used on areas of the roll cage which require tube intersections of less than 90 degrees.

Underwing mount

For external 4x4 roll cages only.  The front wing of the 4x4 is removed, the underwing mount is installed to provide an external mounting point for the roll cage and then the foot plate of the roll cage is bolted on to the underwing mount.  The underwing mount provides an aesthetically pleasing support for the roll cage.