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Introduction to Safety Devices

Toyota Hilux Curtain Airbag Test with Safety Devices T097 ROPS

Safety Devices Racing at BMW Compact Cup 2013

Roll Cage crash testing

An FIA Institute research which will affect the future of roll cage design. 

Months of preparation go into the precisely calibrated collision that produces the twisted, broken chassis you're about to see.  The Subaru will slam into a test rig at the Millbrook development facility to examine potential improvements to roll over protection systems fitted to competition rally cars.

The test is a reconstruction of a serious, but not catastrophic crash.  The FIA Institute will use the results from the test to develop the next generation of Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS).  The optimum solution is to find a cage that is both strong and 'stretchy'. 

Four cars were fitted with roll cages, each built from a different type of steel, varying in strength and ductility.  Each car is covered in sensors, accelerometers and potentiometers.  The crash mimics the forces of a roll, with the car impacting the ground at 30km/hr and the top of the A-pillar taking the full force. 


Killing a Hilux

You might recognise this Toyota Hilux with a Safety Devices roll cage - the Hilux is now a legend, permanently displayed on the back wall of BBC TV's Top Gear studio, on a plinth, as a museum piece, for all of time. Toyota claim their Hilux Pick-Up is virtually indestructible - the Top Gear team put that theory to the test.

The Hilux was subjected to increasingly destructive tests - it was dumped in the sea, crunched with a caravan and then a wrecking ball, set alight, and finally dropped from a tower block in Hackney, but the car just wouldn't die and was later driven in to the Top Gear studio.

The bespoke Safety Devices roll cage that was installed on the car survived everything the Hilux was subjected to.


Sebastien Vettel

The Top Gear F1 Drivers' Reasonably Priced Car has a Safety Devices roll cage installed in it.  2011 Formula 1 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel, topped the Top Gear Formula 1 drivers' leaderboard in Series 17 Episode 3 (aired on BBC 2 on Sunday 10 July 2011) - see the footage on You Tube below.


Lewis Hamilton

As seen on TV - Safety Devices’ harnesses are fitted in BBC TV’s Top Gear F1 drivers’ reasonably priced car.  Check out Lewis Hamilton on Top Gear, Season 10, Episode 8 - see the footage on You Tube below.