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  BMW M4 F82 Coupe Weld In Roll Cage Back to results

Make: BMW

Model: M4 F82 Coupe 2-door (2014-present)


Roll cage number B054. T45 weld in cage with bent cross door bars, main hoop cross, dash bar, "V" brace in roof and backstays, rear sub frame mount, front triangulation.

For CDS version, see B053.

FIA Homologated and complies to 2019 FIA/Motorsport UK regulations.

Full options:

  •   RBB054 6SXX - T45 full weld-in roll cage
    Available as full cage only

Technical Specification:

  •  Finished cage is provided unpainted but oiled to prevent corrosion

Independently Certified: FIA Homologated when installation has been approved by Safety Devices - 18/2517

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