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 Impact Padding

Safety Devices 4x4 Impract PaddingSafety Devices sell flame retardant impact padding recommended to protect all internal ROPS components above shoulder height. The idea is that, in a roll over event, however effective your seat belts might be, the occupants may come into contact with internal parts of the roll cage. The padding helps soften the blow and reduce any impact and therefore any injury that might occur.

Manufactured from fire resistant high-density polyurethane material of 55 shore hardness, the padding has been developed by Safety Devices from years of experience in the business. This padding is produced from an Integral Skinning, close cell polyurethane.  Polyurethane is produced from a mix of isocyanite and polyol which is completely stable when removed from its mould. This cost-effective, highly durable padding is moulded to fit 38-50mm diameter tube, it is 16mm thick and comes in 1000mm lengths which can be easily cut to size. Attachment to the roll cage structure can be with either adhesive or tie wraps as appropriate.

Safety Devices 4x4 Impact Padding fitted on ROPS

Available to be purchased with your ROPS.