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Roll Over Protection Systems (ROPS) are designed to create a protected zone within a vehicle in the event of roll over.  Some military vehicles have ROPS as standard but many require retrofit to improve the strength of the cab.

ROPS does more than help protect the driver and passengers in a roll over event – it will probably help if a vehicle hits anything hard – a tree, a building, a post or even another vehicle.  Roll overs can be caused by land mines and IED’s as well as driver error or other incident.

To optimise the strength of the ROPS an understanding of the vehicle onto which it is to be installed is paramount together with careful design.  Experienced and qualified engineers will need to carefully assess the challenge, understand the design objectives and design for strength, convenience and application.  This is not a job for the feint hearted.

No two vehicles are the same so each make and model will have a unique design solution. More than that, there will be operational requirements and modifications to allow for harnesses, gun ring mounts, rifle mounts, FFR, blast resistant seating, and other features.  The ROPS can provide a structural frame to support this equipment provided it is designed in at an early stage.

With all the risks that soldiers face in the field protecting them against injury in a roll over incident is one of the more achievable goals.  This particularly applies when upgrading your existing fleet.  Retrofits are easily designed, cost effective to manufacture and can be relatively easy to install.

Safety Devices are experienced in the design and manufacture of ROPS and can advise on installation.  We will work with any vehicle manufacturer to secure approval to modifications if required.

Contact Gavin Davidson or Aeron Lloyd for more information on +44 (0)1638 713606 or email