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Safety Devices’ original founders Brian Wilkinson and before him John Aley designed some of the world’s first automotive roll cages back in the 1960’s.  Today Safety Devices has both bolt-in and weld in roll cages suitable for both motorsport and trackday uses available for a wide range of historic and current vehicles.

If you can’t find what you want, ask us, we are always interested in developing roll cages in our UK workshop – we can give you a quotation if you call or email.

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Design Excellence

Safety Devices understand what you want and what the governing bodies require from a Motorsport roll cage. All our cages are designed with safety, functionality and aesthetics in mind - we know you need your cage to be safe and fit for purpose but that it’s also important to you that it looks good.

Certification Guaranteed

Safety Devices is widely acknowledged as a producer of the best roll cages for competition use around the world. Almost all of our designs meet the Motorsport UK / FIA regulations and we ensure regular contact with Motorsport UK and its scrutineers to ensure conformity. Safety Devices’ roll cages are crash proven and tested in a race environment.

Huge range

The Safety Devices product range is the largest of its kind in the market place, with bolt-in and weld-in roll cages for over 2,000 vehicles. We offer an ever-increasing range of roll cages for current and older vehicle models. Alternatively, you can commission a custom designed and installed weld-in or bolt in roll cage.

Selecting the right Roll Cage

Choosing the right roll cage is essential, especially if you plan to use your car for competition racing. It is crucial that you check all class rules and regulations as well as any Motorsport UK / FIA rules that may apply to your car.

If you require help in deciding, refer to the links below or call us for a chat on:

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In addition to roll cages, we offer complimentary Motorsport safety products: FIA approved and road use harnesses and three types of impact padding, door bars and fitting kits.  All of these products are available to purchase from our network of authorised Motorsport dealers or through our accessories shop.