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  Land Rover Discovery 'Highlander' roof racks back in production! Back to results

Many thanks to those of you who gave us feedback last year about the reproduction of our 'Highlander' roof racks for Land Rover Discovery 1 and Discovery 2 - we were inundated with responses.  It's clear there's huge demand for Disco roof racks!

Scores on the doors

The most popular preference from the survey was clearly the Discovery 2 with roof rails, which made up 53% of the 4 choices, the other 3 versions coming in with very similar percentage preferences of 15-17%.

So, what's happening with production?

We have had a small batch of Discovery 2 roof racks produced for quality control and testing ahead of the main production which will begin in the coming weeks and we expect to have racks available to buy from March 2013.

Land Rover Discovery 1
without roof rails: RRL103 0RRA (low version)
with roof rails: RRL104 0RRA (high version)

Land Rover Discovery 2
without roof rails:  RRL155 0RRA (low version)
with roof rails:  RRL156 0RRA (high version)

Marine ply flooring is also available to buy for each roof rack.

Technical info and how to order

Visit our Discovery Roof Racks website page by clicking here.



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